Can I modify what has already been decided?

Yes and no.

You can modify a previous order but you cannot ask the court to modify any order of property division. To modify an over, however, you must show a change in circumstances. Typically the change in circumstances must be substantial. Our family law lawyers provide services in modifications of all types of family law cases including:

  1. Child support.
  2. Visitation.
  3. Child custody.
  4. Alimony/spousal support.

Our family law attorneys provide a free initial consultation to discuss with you the reason that you are requesting a modification and whether your reason is a valid reason for modifying your previous order. Some reasons could be:

  1. Job loss for alimony or child support modifications.
  2. Remarriage for alimony modifications.
  3. Chemical dependency for custody or visitation modifications.
  4. Mental health concerns for custody or visitation modifications.
  5. Unstable living conditions for custody or visitation modifications.

Of course, these are just a handful of reasons someone may want to modify their previous order.

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