How is child support decided?

Courts in Iowa apply a uniform formula for calculating child support called the Uniform Child Support Guidelines. These guidelines are mandatory and are only varied from in unusual circumstances. The formula is fairly simple and follows both parties' incomes after taxes and other deductions (health insurance, etc.)

The attorneys at Kaplan & Frese, LLP will work with you to determine support in a fair and accurate way. The child support guidelines don’t take into account your expenses, your mortgage or your other bills. We will help educate you what the determines the child support guidelines. We will look at you and your spouse’s income and present to the court an accurate formula that takes into account the proper deductions pursuant to Iowa law.

The attorneys at Kaplan & Frese, LLP provide services child support for those seeking child support and those paying child support. We will provide you a free initial consultation to discuss your case more.

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