My ex-husband wife is not following the divorce decree we already have.

If your ex and you have already gone to court and developed an agreement that was approved by the Court, or the Court has entered an Order regarding your divorce, your ex-spouse can be held in contempt for not following the decree. The attorneys at Kaplan & Frese, LLP can file a motion in Court to ask the Judge to hold your ex-husband/wife accountable for not following the decree. This is typically called an application for a rule to show cause. This application would be served on your ex-spouse and a hearing scheduled. At the hearing, you would have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that your ex-spouse is not following the agreement. If proven, the court could order you’re your ex-spouse make up for lost visitation time, pay a fine, or serve time in jail.

The attorneys at Kaplan & Frese, LLP provide services in both filing and defending contempt motions. We will provide you a free initial consultation to discuss your case more in depth.

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